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Terms of Sale

The term "purchaser" as used below refers to the person or persons entering the contract of sale by using this website to order items listed thereon. The term "LINI" as used below refers to Long Island Numismatics, Inc. or its representative appointees as an incorporated entity.

  1. All website orders can be paid for by personal check or PayPal. All Credit Card orders can be paid for only by calling us at 914-242-6090. Of course, Credit Cards can be used through PayPal.
  2. By completing a transaction on this web site the purchaser agrees to all of the terms of sale listed below and asserts that they are of legal age to enter into a contract. Creating an order using the "check out" function of this web site is a binding contract and shall be honored by LINI and the purchaser.
  3. All purchases made by New York state residents on this web site are subject to a straight 7% sales tax. This is the minimum sales tax charged for any jurisdiction in New York. The difference for the purchaser's jurisdiction will be paid by LINI, saving the purchaser additional money.
  4. Postage and handling is $10 via USPS insured mail for all orders up to $800. A flat fee of $20 is charged for shipping via USPS registered mail on all orders of $801 or more. Express mail is available for a flat fee of $30 to a maximum insurance value of $25,000. Any order over $25,000 must be sent by USPS registered mail. Bear in mind that LINI will endeavor to mail all shipments in the quickest time possible, but any order may take several days to process.
  5. Merchandise sold remains the property of LINI, is subject to our order and shall be returned to us on demand until payment in full is received by LINI. No power is given to the purchaser to sell, pledge, hypothecate or otherwise dispose of merchandise until paid in full.
  6. The purchaser will bear all risk of loss from hazards for any merchandise from its delivery to you until its return or full payment is received by LINI.
  7. The purchaser agrees to pay all costs, including attorneys' fees and court costs, incurred by LINI or its assigns in enforcing any part of these terms of sale.
  8. The purchaser consents to the jurisdiction of any court within the state of New York for action arising from this transaction. New York law shall govern this contract.
  9. LINI does not represent that a numismatic item has or has not been cleaned or repaired, or that any toning is natural or artificial; that any coin or note sold will meet the standards, or the grade, of any third party or third party grading service. The term "PROOF" or "SPECIMEN" is used to describe a method of manufacture, and is not a grade or condition or is warranted.
  10. The price for which each item is sold represents the price that LINI has offered and that the purchaser pays, independent of any description by LINI. Grading is an art and is not a science. The condition of any numismatic item (coin, medal, token, or note) sold represents the opinion of LINI or the opinion of such other persons who may have provided the condition, grade or description to LINI, and is not a warranty of any kind. ALL COINS AND NOTES ARE SOLD ON AN 'AS IS' BASIS. LINI DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY.
  11. LINI at any time may rescind the sale in the event of non-payment or breach of the warranty of title.
  12. LINI's sole liability for any claim shall be no greater than the purchase price of the merchandise with respect to which a claim is made after such merchandise is returned to LINI. Such liability shall not include consequential damages.
  13. There will be a 3% restocking fee for all returns purchased with a credit card.
  14. Items removed from their original holders may not be returned for any reason whatsoever. All terms of this contract are binding regardless of prior transactions.