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Below is a list of all categories of coins in our current inventory. Next to the category is a number in parentheses. This number represents the number of items of that type we currently have in inventory. Click on a category to view that type of coin, or use the link below to browse the entire coin inventory.

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US Coins
Colonial  (40)
Draped Bust 1/2c  (1)
Classic Head 1/2c  (3)
Liberty Cap 1c  (2)
Draped Bust 1c  (6)
Classic Head 1c  (1)
Matron Head 1c  (2)
Braided Hair 1c  (7)
Flying Eagle Cent  (7)
Indian Head Cent  (21)
Lincoln Wheat Cent  (17)
Lincoln Memorial Cent  (10)
Two Cent Coin  (15)
Silver 3c  (2)
Nickel 3c  (6)
Flowing Hair 1/2 dime  (1)
Draped Bust 1/2 dime  (1)
Capped Bust 1/2 dime  (1)
Seated Liberty 1/2 dime  (5)
Shield 5c  (13)
Liberty Head 5c  (13)
Buffalo 5c  (42)
Jefferson 5c  (35)
Capped Bust 10c  (3)
Seated Liberty 10c  (8)
Barber 10c  (5)
Mercury 10c  (42)
Roosevelt 10c  (31)
Twenty Cent  (4)
Draped Bust 25c  (1)
Capped Bust 25c  (3)
Seated Liberty 25c  (4)
Barber 25c  (4)
Standing Liberty 25c  (24)
Washington 25c  (42)
Flowing Hair 50c  (3)
Draped Bust 50c  (3)
Capped Bust 50c  (28)
Seated 50c  (10)
Barber 50c  (1)
Walking Liberty 50c  (24)
Franklin 50c  (7)
One Dollar (exc. gold)  (1)
Flowing Hair $1  (3)
Draped Bust $1  (5)
Seated Liberty $1  (13)
Trade $1  (12)
Morgan $1  (186)
Peace $1  (36)
Eisenhower $1  (1)
$1 gold (type 1)  (5)
$1 gold (type 2)  (7)
$1 gold (type 3)  (3)
Classic Head $2-1/2  (1)
Liberty Head $2-1/2  (3)
Indian Head $2-1/2  (8)
$3 Gold  (5)
Classic Head $5  (1)
Liberty Head $5 - motto  (1)
Indian Head $5  (3)
Turban Head $10  (1)
Indian Head $10  (2)
Liberty $20 - type 2 (motto)  (4)
Saint Gaudens $20  (4)
Territorial Gold  (1)
California Gold  (3)
Commemorative Silver  (37)
Commemorative Gold  (2)
Error Coins (Winter Sale)  (194)
Hard Times Tokens  (17)
Civil War Tokens  (8)
Medals  (4)
Patterns  (3)
Misc. Tokens  (18)
American Counterstamps  (24)
Bargain Lots - U.S.  (1)
Foreign Coins
Foreign Coins  (95)
Foreign Counterstamps  (6)
Bargain Lots - Foreign  (2)
Ancient Greece  (5)
Ancient Rome  (38)
Byzantine  (3)
Judaica  (2)

National Bank Notes

**NOTE**  We are currently still working on the national bank note inventory for Rhode Island. While we are working on Rhode Island, that part of the inventory will not be available for sale. We should be finished shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

**NOTE**  All items with item numbers above 21,000 use statistics gathered from the newer Kelly supplement CD-ROM, "National Bank Notes" version 2.0, released in January 2006. All items with item numbers below 21,000 use statistics gathered from the earlier version of the same software.

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Obsolete Currency

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All Other U.S. Currency

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Printable Listing

Our print listing feature allows you to print a complete list of all of the items we have for sale so you can conveniently go through them offline. Please be aware that there are thousands of items in our database, and loading this page could take a few minutes for slower connection speeds.

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